Why You Should Get Maintenance Done at Your Dealership

December 30th, 2016 by


Deciding where to get your maintenance done on your Acura vehicle can be difficult, especially given many myths and misconceptions about having service completed at dealerships. The truth of the matter is, it’s much smarter to get oil changes, tire rotations, and more at a local dealership like the Acura of Chattanooga service center. Learn why you should get your maintenance done at your dealership, and then get in touch to make an appointment!

1. Experience and Parts

Drivers take pride in owning an Acura vehicle, so why would you take your car to any old mechanic for routine maintenance? Chances are, they don’t have the expertise necessary to take care of any issues or inform you about potential hazards. When you take your Acura to a dealership like Acura of Chattanooga, though, you’re afforded Acura expertise. Technicians have been trained on Acura systems, and the majority of cars they work on are Acuras, as well. Plus, they have access to authentic Acura parts, so if any repairs need to be completed, they can handle them quickly and easily.

2. Dealership Loyalty

Dealership loyalty pays off. When you establish a relationship with your dealership, they’re more likely to help you out in difficult situations. For example, if you bring your car to a dealership and not simply for warranty work, and you end up dealing with a major issue just after your warranty runs out, your dealership would be much more inclined to offer assistance than they might otherwise.

3. Value

People tend to believe that taking a car to a dealership for maintenance will result in high charges. But that’s not always the case—it’s not necessarily more expensive to bring your car into a dealership for a routine oil change and tire rotation, as certain out-of-brand mechanic shops jack up their prices. Plus, you’ll be paying for better quality service from a dealership. Why spend a lot of money on a brand-new Acura to go cheap on maintaining it and keeping it on the road for years to come?

Schedule Your Maintenance at Acura of Chattanooga

There are clearly many advantages to getting your maintenance done at a dealership, but find out for yourself to be sure. The expert technicians at Acura of Chattanooga can handle all of your maintenance needs. Simply schedule your service, and we’ll get you in, out, and back on the road.

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